Wow, really been slacking!

Over a year since my last post. However, business travel to Cannes, Rome, Sydney, London, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York and I am sure several others I can’t remember will do that. It also makes it hard to scuba dive.

I hate to say it but I haven’t got wet since the wreck dive nearly two years ago. I need to break the equipment out, dust it off and at least do a checkout dive of lake Chatugue which is only 5 miles from my home. Of course it will be a drysuit dive since it is now getting on to winter temps in this area. Luckily I had my drysuits seals replaced before storing it, now if they are still good I am all set…

I also  wrote four fiction books in that time frame, Book one in the World in Darkness series: Prelude to Darkness, a post apocalyptic novel, The Suppressors: The Shattering, based on the precept that magic is real, it has just been suppressed, until now, book three in the Rex Franklin series: The Emerald Curse and last but not least, Book two in the World in darkness series: When Darkness Comes. They are all available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

I will endeavor to better maintain this blog, sorry for the long delay!

New Blog!

Forced by the powers that be I have had to reload the blog software to the latest release, destroying my older blogs in the process. Oh well, such is life. Since I last posted I have switched jobs over to IBM (actually we was bought!) moved to Tennessee, finished one house and built another.

Afraid I haven’t done a lot of diving recently but I hope to be doing more soon. I am about 5 miles from Lake Hiawassee and several other lakes and hope to do some lake diving there. There is also a need for a scuba shop up here, as far as I can tell the nearest is in Gainesville.

I have also published two more books, Suppressors: The Shattering and The Emerald Curse the Emerald Curse has a bunch of scuba diving in it. Both are available on Amazon.